Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Girls' Weekend in Jaco!

Me, Kate and Cameron.

Last weekend, I went away on a girls' weekend with my friends Kate and Cameron to Jaco, a local beach town about an hour away from San Jose (well, it's longer on a 'doing the rounds' colectivo bus!). It was my friend Cameron's birthday and she just wanted to get out of the city, but what she didn't know is that we had booked a gorgeous resort to hang out in!

We had a fab weekend at Hotel Club del Mar in Jaco, with it's tropical rooms and pretty pool area. Cameron was just happy to have a comfortable bed and a hot shower, as she has neither in their apartment in San Pedro (on the other side of town)! We didn't do a whole lot. Kate and I got pedicures at the hotel spa whilst Cameron caught up on sleep in the sun. The weather was pretty humid, so we didn't really move from the side of the pool for very long!

On the Saturday, we had dinner at Lemon Zest - a well-known and popular restaurant near the beach in Jaco centre. We had an amazing meal. Hands down, the best food that I've had the whole time that I've been in Costa Rica. I can't even tell you how good it was, partially because I had consumed quite a lot of sangria prior to entering the restaurant, and partially because there are no words. I had duck in a blackberry jus, Cameron had filet mignon on garlic mash and a red wine reduction and Kate opted for Madeira Chicken with roast vegetables. This is our little vegan from Chicago, chowing down on poultry and licking her lips! haha. It's very difficult to be vegetarian in Costa Rica, let alone vegan. Especially when you are staying with a local family, which is where she was during the TEFL course.

At Lemon Zest

On Sunday, we couldn't get a bus back to San Jose until 6.30pm so we were thrilled ot be allowed to hnag out at the hotel until we had to leave. The sun came out for us and we just worked on our tans all day. All in all, a fab end to a fab weekend with two fab girls! I can't wait for the next adventure!

Stef x

PS. I know that Mark hasn't been blogging much and I'm going to get him on
here as soon as possible! It's just that at the moment, we have no internet in
our house and he works very long hours, so he doesn't always want to sit down
and start writing when he walks in!

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  1. Glad to hear you're both doing well guys. We miss you in G-Town/B-Wood!