Friday, April 23, 2010

Sun, Strippers, caSinos - 2 week update!

That's pretty much what's happened the last 2 weeks.

We arrived here on Wednesday 7th. I got moved to a different flight and had to fly via Houston, meaning I did the whole 20 hour journey alone :( Luckily the entertainment on the flights was ok; Wedding Crashers, The Invention of Lying, The Office and .... It's Complicated. Meryl Streep is every woman *modern family reference*.

First night we went to Hooters, another bar, then a strip club. First time inside a strip club. Quite an experience. All paid for by the company.

Second night we went to the casino. Everyone lost a fortune at blackjack. Elliott decided to put down $25 and keep doubling his bet. Dont think he had any intention of stopping unless he got to maybe $1million. He didn't.

That weekend we went to the beach in Guanacaste. Fue de puta madre. But really hot. Got a bit burnt for the 30 minutes I wasn't in a shaded area playing poker.

Since then we've been working hard, drinking hard and gambling hard. We've almost got the 80 players we need and we're starting the training on May 3rd. pretty excited about building a team of awesome poker players but not too excited about being in the office everyday from 6am till 9pm.

Hope this post makes sense, I've rushed it before we go to the casino.

Cliff notes : Life here is awesome.
Only money I've spent has been in the pit.
Bout to start working very hard.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Dates for your Diary!

Mark leaves on Wednesday 7th April to go and help to set up a PokerFarm office in Costa Rica, so you will probably find more updates from him at first (although Stef may be the one writing them!)

Stef follows on at the beginning of May (4th) and starts a TEFL course in San Jose before looking for teaching work afterwards.

How very exciting!

First update due in a week's time... Keep checking back!