Saturday, May 8, 2010

My First Impression...

San Jose, Costa Rica

Hello all!

This is my first update from Costa Rica! I arrived late last night after travelling for almost 24hrs with broken suitcases - I do not recommend this by the way, because dragging suitcases without wheels is a workout that you just do not need when you've been up for twenty hours and stuck on a plane for eight!

The flight was pretty good, all things considered. From Heathrow to Newark, I had three seats to myself, so I could stretch out and watch movies quite comfortably. I then had a connecting flight from Newark to San Jose so had just enough time to make it through security, recheck my bag and grab a drink before boarding a slightly more crowded flight for five hours! Luckily I did at least sleep for most of this flight, once I'd had my complementary burrito (things were looking up!) and watched the hideousness that is Did You Hear About The Morgans? with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. I do love Hugh Grant, but she is Carrie Bradshaw and that is it I'm afraid. She is cursed with the same problem the FRIENDS cast have - that show will always be better!

Anyway, I've been here for a few days now and the jet lag is starting to wear off. I'm not as hardcore as Mark and fell asleep in the casino on my first (and second...) night! Haha. And I was pretty damned tired at the poker tournament that everybody played in last night too! The people here are so lovely - locals and the Poker Farm group. We've had some lovely meals out and I really feel like part of the group, so it seems to be a pretty easy life to settle into. PLUS, we are moving into the most AMAZING house that you have ever seen! It's like something out of Cribs on MTV and we're all really ecstatic. Floor to ceiling windows and views over the whole city, it's pretty incredible. Obviously, there'll be more photos to follow when we finally get to move in, though that may be a couple of weeks yet.

I start my course on the 24th May (on the other side of town :s), so I've still got a couple of weeks to explore first. I'm spending my time in the office with the others, either working on my blogging/websites etc or helping out with a few things, and hitting the gym a few times a week. The weather is still pretty good so I'm enjoying the sun at the moment. There is sun every day but it's the start of the rainy season and we are due some heavy downpours this week. Rain like you've never seen it before - it falls so hard and so fast that you're grateful to not be in it, because I'm sure that it must hurt! I've been on the hotel balcony when it hits and the workmen outside just carry on as normal - very odd! Having said that, it clears up just as quickly as it starts so you can be back out sunbathing before you know it! Not that I've done much of that yet - I fully intend on starting tomorrow though!

Anyway, that's my first little update - next time I'll give you the lowdown on the hotel apartments that we are staying in. And my camera needs a memory card before I can do much with it, so photos will follow once I've done that too!

Hope you're all well,

Love Stef x x

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