Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Umm... English Teacher turned Poker HR Manager??

So, I am no longer teaching English in Costa Rica! In August, I was offered the the position of HR Manager at The Poker Farm, where I'd have better hours, a little more money and a much easier commute (ie with the boys and not constantly in taxis!). I just had to jump at it! At first, I tried to juggle 2 jobs. That involved 17hr days and falling asleep in my books trying to plan lessons, so that wasn't really feasible. When I was due to come home in September, I took a break from Berlitz (the language school where I was teaching) for a couple of weeks whilst only working at Poker Farm and realised how much more easy my day was. I wasn't stressed or clock-watching, my skin cleared up and I made it to the gym for the first time in weeks. Then, after weeks of putting my body through too much, it crashed and I got hit by the flu. That's when I knew that it was one or the other.
It's an odd switch from teaching English to managing poker players and all of their details, but I am enjoying it. I loved my classes and the people that I met at Berlitz, but I just could no longer keep to the hours of 645-830am and then 4-9pm, because I just spent my days waiting around or then working my other job, which meant that I didn't have time to plan for the next day. I couldn't give it my all, so I knew that I had to leave. Sometimes, life takes you on a path that you never expected. But I am still using my Spanish and living in the sun, so my ambitions weren't all that different to the current situation!

Stef x

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