Sunday, June 20, 2010

English Breakfast at Ka'kau in Escazu!

A couple of weeks ago, Mark and I popped down the road for a coffee. It was my birthday and we fancied getting out of the house. We came across Ka'kau, a stylish little cafe in Escazu, and on the board we noticed "Desayuno Ingles": English Breakfast! Brilliant! Just what you need as a hungover ex-pat (nothing else will do!), so we made a mental note to come back one day when we had more time.

That day came today when we dragged our housemate Craig (he is not a morning person!) down to sample the delights. It was scrumptious. We were presented with freshly squeezed orange juice and a beautiful latte, plus a basket of mini croissants and bread with homemade strawberry jam. Then followed the breakfast with the closest thing to baked beans that you'll find here: frijoles horneados. they're pretty convincing. We also got a real sausage (not a frankfurter!) and nice crispy bacon! It wasn't a greasy spoon but overall, we were very impressed and are sure that we'll be back to sample some of their other tasty treats in the not so distant future! They make all of their cakes and desserts themselves and they look delicious! I cannot WAIT to try the carrot cake! I didn't get any pictures this time - these photos are from their Facebook page!
Stef x

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